SHINee's Comeback Special Live‘Everybody’131006 more♬


This video is very clear...(^^

Their dancing is unique & hot!!!
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SHINee's Comeback Special Live‘Symptoms’131006


...via 2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival.

SHINee looks rather grown-up atmosphere.....
Their vocals are deep & passionate....
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SHINee's Comeback Special Live‘Everybody’131006


SHINee is awesome!!! The best of best!

....via 2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival.
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SHINee;The 5th Mini Album_Highlight Medley 131004


Tomorrow...SHINee will be appear on YouTube....

I'm longing for SHINee's new Korea
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SHINee's Comeback Special Live(it will be broadcast on youtube)

I' m so so so......excited!!!

2013.10.06 [SUN] PM 08:00 (KOREA)

SHINee is having a comeback showcase in Seoul!
The new title 'Everybody' will be performed and will be broadcast live
on Youtube SMTOWN Channel!!

EVERYBODY get ready for the brand new SHINee?
Stay tuned!!

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SHINee;Symptoms Lyric Video 131004

credits;as in videos

Long time no see...(^^;;

I'm rather busy this time....but!!!

SHINee's new album will release soon!!
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SHINee's Lucifer+Dream Girl+Beautiful in Singapore 130827

credit:as in video

SHINee look rather tired...but they were still smiling....
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SHINee's“Breaking News”MV♡

This MV looks cool,cause the last ...Taemin !
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SHINee's “Boys meet u”MV♪

Long time no see...(^^;;

I've been busy....

SHINee appeared a lot in TV & magazines etc....

I couldn't follow...(^^;;
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SHINee at Hong Kong Doom Festival 130701


It's so heavy rain (^^;;

But they are professional....they keep singing....awesome...

Taemin looks a bit sexy(^^
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